Tips & Tricks for Congestion Relief

Tips & Tricks for Congestion Relief

Over the years we have grown our knowledge on essential oils, shower steamers, and the benefits they can have together. 

We started making shower steamers in 2018 and I have just recently learned a new trick that helps clear out your sinuses. This trick makes the steamer so much more potent and lets the essential oils really work their magic. Please know that this trick is only to be used if you want a super strong essential oil experience. 

A few weeks ago I had a head cold for days and congestion that you wouldn't believe. I was so exhausted and didn't feel like taking a shower but I really needed some relief. I then came up with this idea! 

First, fill up your bathroom sick with hot water.

Second, put a shower steamer in the sink. (I used relief but eucalyptus menthol would've been even stronger.) Use anything with peppermint, menthol or eucalyptus for congestion. 

Finally, just hover your head over the sink and breathe. I did that for about 5 minutes and then I kept the sink full so the scent would linger in my bathroom for awhile longer. 

You guys, when I say my sinuses felt so relieved! It was amazing being able to breathe almost instantly from the peppermint in the relief blend. 

This trick could even work to help you fall asleep at night, relieve headaches, help wake you up in the morning.. etc. Just use a steamer accordingly! Try out our shower powder to be able to adjust how much you use. 

Try it for yourself! 



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