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self - care

/self-kare/ noun


The active process of making your body and mind a pleasant place to inabit, by filling your own cup first. This ensures you have enough to give others.

What is a Shower Steamer?

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Splash Into Summer!

Our new Paradise Shower Steamers will give you all the summer vibes with uplifting tropical summer time blends!

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Why our shower steamers

One For Every Mood

We have a special technique to make our steamers strongly scented, high - quality and long lasting. We offer many different options and unique blends to turn your shower into a spa! We are always adding more, so make sure to stop by frequently!

Start your morning with fruity loops!

A fun and exciting way to start your day. Fruit loops with sweet orange essential oil provide an energizing aromatherapy experience!

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Love. These smell delish and make for a relaxing, luxurious shower experience! I use one everyday.

Katie (Etsy)

I bought these as a stocking stuffer so I can't attest to how they work but they smelled great when I opened the package. They arrived quickly and well packaged and I am excited to give them to people who need a little spa atmosphere in the shower as a treat to themselves.

Dawn (Etsy)

I'm a repeat customer. The scents are wonderful and just the right strength. Having one in the shower makes me feel like I'm in a spa! Love them.

Jo (Etsy)