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Relax Away Essentials

Stand Tall Bath Bomb | Giraffe Print | Bio Glitter | Bamboo Garden

Stand Tall Bath Bomb | Giraffe Print | Bio Glitter | Bamboo Garden

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Stand Tall Bath Bomb - Fast Fizzer
Scent - serene, bamboo, jasmine, and lemon aloe with a delicious undercurrent of tusk and patchouli.
weight: aprox. 7.4 oz. ( each bath bomb can slightly vary due to handmade nature )

Ingredients: baking soda, citric acid, cornstarch, slsa, safllower oil, essential oil, fd&c dyes/lakes/micas, polysorbate80, coconut milk, tapioca, cocobetaine

Relax Away Essentials LLC products do not intend to cure, treat or diagnose any diseases.
We source our ingredients ethically and try to provide the absolute best quality in our products.
Our Bath Bombs are all made and painted by hand! We do not use a press or any type of machinery. Due to the nature of our bath bombs, some may not float. If you want to hold the bath bomb to see the colors of the embeds make sure you are aware that light and temporary staining may occur.
Make sure to always exit the tub very carefully, we use oils in our bath bombs and that can make the tub very slippery!
We use lakes, fd&c dyes, and cosmetic grade micas to color our bath bombs. Please know that every bath bomb is slightly different and certain bath bombs (especially the pink dyes) may stain temporarily. Simply rinse and wipe down tub after use.

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