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Relax Away Essentials

Mini Spa Set | Pick 1 Shower Steamer + 1 Tray | Shower Tray | Aromatherapy | Spa Gift | Party Favors | Handmade Gift

Mini Spa Set | Pick 1 Shower Steamer + 1 Tray | Shower Tray | Aromatherapy | Spa Gift | Party Favors | Handmade Gift

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Create your own mini spa set - you pick 2! - choose a handmade shower steamer and a shower tray

*These shower steamers are intended for 1 use, but many of our customers get up to 2 uses out of 1!
They are individual steamers with a label on each one explaining the scent blend and instructions.
Our shower steamers are strongly scented with PURE essential oils.(eo blend)
Our menthol steamers are infused with menthol crystals.
We also use premium fragrances and EO blends in some steamers. (eo fo blend)
Size: 1 oz steamer (intended for 1 shower) about 2 inches in diameter and 1/2 in thick

***Extend the life of your shower steamer with our lotus shower trays!
These silicone trays are beautiful and made with high quality soft silicone. They bend easily and can even be washed in the dishwasher!
These are non slip and provide for a wonderful shower tray.
These are auto draining with 5 drain holes and work great with steamers!
Size - 4.9 diameter | 1.2 inches in height***

Chose a Tray Color:
Sage Green

Choose a Shower Steamer Scent:

cozy cabin -bergamot, orange, clove (eo only)

flannel season - tonka, patchouli, jasmine (eo fo blend)

pumpkin spice - cinnamon, pumpkin spice, orange (eo fo blend)

Holiday Punch - cranberry fizz, merlot wine, sweet orange (eo fo blend)

White Woods - eucalyptus, peppermint, cypress, pine, tonka bean (eo fo blend)

Winter Magic - mint, white musk, jasmine, pine needles (eo fo blend)

Winter Forest - balsam, eucalyptus, peppermint (eo fo blend)

Candy Cane Lane - spearmint, peppermint, marshmallow (eo fo blend)

North Pole - cypress, sweet orange, peppermint (eo only)

caramel & honey (gold)- honey, orange, musk, caramel (EO FO blend)

wanderlust (light blue)- oak moss, sandalwood, tonka bean, cedarwood, lemon (EO FO blend)

Vanilla Orchid ( pink ) - blackberries, cotton candy musk, lavender, vanilla orchid

key lime pie (light green)- key lime, mandarin, coconut milk, sweet butter, whipped vanilla cream, pie crust (EO FO blend)

sugared almond creme (orange)- starfruit, jasmine, peony, orange, sandalwood, amber, musk, almond creme (eo fo blend)

sunflower (orange) - honeysuckle gardenia with sweet orange (EO FO blend)

renewal (light green) - lemongrass and eucalyptus

slumber (light purple) - lavender and chamomile (EO FO blend)

fresh breeze (turquoise)- lemon eucalyptus (eo blend)

dream field (purple) - lavender and lemongrass ( eo blend)

morning meadow (lime green) - tangerine, patchouli, lime ( eo blend)

recharge (green)(eo blend) - bergamot, lime, lemongrass

zen (purple) (eo + menthol) - lavender essential oils and menthol crystals

boost (orange) (eo + menthol) - orange essential oil and menthol crystals

fruity loops (pink) (eo fo blend) fruit loops + sweet orange

Coffee shop (brown) (eo fo blend) - espresso, vanilla cream

rainy days (light blue) (eo fo blend) eucalyptus, spearmint, fresh rain

herbaceous headspace (turquoise) (eo blend) spearmint, lavender, peppermint, frankincense, basil, rosemary

moon magic (black) (eo blend) lavender + ylang ylang

mountain fresh (green) (eo fo blend) eucalyptus, pine, black peppercorn, citrus zest, musk

champagne (rose gold) (eo fo blend) - champagne, peach, grapefruit, orange

Rise n' shine (light blue) (eo blend)- bergamot, grapefruit, sweet orange essential Oils

Black (eo blend) - lavender, vetiver, cedarwood

Relax - (purple) (eo blend) Lavender Essential Oil

Awake - (gold) (eo blend) Lemon, Lime, Orange Essential Oil

Breathe - (blue) (eo blend) Eucalyptus, Peppermint Essential

Eucalyptus + Menthol (turquoise) - eucalyptus essential oil with menthol crystals infused

Eucalyptus (white)- pure eucalyptus essential oil

Relief - (silver)(eo blend) (same as hangover) - sweet orange, lavender, peppermint

Mood - (pink) (eo blend) ylang ylang and grapefruit

How to use: with our easy to open packaging, unwrap and remove foil, place steamer at bottom of shower out of direct stream of water. let the water activate the shower steamer. the steam will carry the essential oil aroma throughout your shower.

Each shower steamer is individually wrapped and labeled with instructions and ingredients!

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Customer Reviews

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Love them!! Last a long time and great scents

Fantastic smelling, they last for 3-4 showers if you put them in the corner! Love them!! Wish they were all uncolored, but even the coffee shop one that is brown doesn't stain the shower, so no complaints!!

Jeanne Oberbrunner
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Kimberly Leffler
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Christie Kirlin
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